Cordova Hummingbird Banding BPF 11-13

submitted to the

Boreal Partners in Flight Conference, Anchorage, AK, Nov. 14, 2013



Kate McLaughlin, McLaughlin Environmental Services and Erin Cooper, USFS Chugach National Forest

Western Hummingbird Partnership Western Hummingbird Partnership (WHP) is a developing network of partners collaborating to build an effective and sustainable hummingbird conservation program through science-based monitoring, research, habitat restoration/enhancement, and education/outreach efforts. Working with the Chugach National Forest Service and CBHP, the WHP provided funding to expand banding into the Cordova Area.   

due to inclement spring weather banding was conducted from May 31 June 1. Multiple feeders were scouted for trapping locations in Cordova including: the Cordova Airport area, central Cordova, Whitshed Road and Orca Road. Additionally, Homeowners with active feeders during the spring of 2013 were contacted to determine possible trapping locations.

Spring flowers and plenty of small insects had given the birds many food sources to choose from and therefore, the feeders were not heavily visited. The Orca Road area produced the only feeder location still actively used by hummingbirds during the trapping period. Light rain coupled with mid 40 degree temperatures gave the birds more reason to attend the feeder. For two days of trapping, 18 birds were captured and banded, all females. Two males were sighted, but were not present at the feeders.

Plans are underway to continue this banding effort in Cordova in 2014.


Kate McLaughlin, McLaughlin Environmental Services, P.O. Box 8043 Chenega Bay, AK 99574 



Erin Cooper, Prince William Sound Zone Wildlife Biologist, USFS Cordova Ranger District, PO 280 Cordova, AK 99574. 907-424-4757,