Katherine (Kate) A. McLaughlin
PO Box 561 Cordova, Alaska 99574

mclenvironmental@yahoo.com    http//:www.akenvironmentalservices.com

Over 25 years’ experience in wildlife biology, research and natural history interpretation, grant writing, project administration and technical assistance, and environmental education and outreach. Working with Federal, State and Tribal governments, corporations and non-profit organizations, I have a comprehensive understanding of the processes that govern each entity and how they work together to build environmental capacity and successfully manage natural resources. My work in Alaska has been focused on the environmental issues affecting the Chugach Region of Alaska and Prince William Sound including the Exxon Valdez Oil spill, climate change and invasive species, and subsistence and natural resource use. I am an experienced environmental educator, developing natural history and science classes that align with district and state school standards, and can create newsletters, brochures, and educational materials. Classes are tailored to fit the cultural needs of the community utilizing traditional ecological knowledge and the environmental stewardship approach to environmental education. I conduct natural history and morphology classes for all ages utilizing investigations with physical specimens and incorporating the scientific method, local culture, and innovative approaches to engage and enlighten the audience.

Skills Summary
My skills encompass over 25 years of experience in citizen advocacy, outreach and education, with 18 years in Alaska learning the unique historical, environmental and ecological issues of the Chugach region, Prince William Sound and its diverse communities. I can effectively communicate and present technical information in an understandable, real-world way to varied interests and am fluent in government and private foundation fundraising, grant writing and project administration. I am able to create and produce audience-appropriate environmental educational materials.

I am trained in scientific research, data gathering and quality control, and am certified in watershed inventory and stream monitoring methods with macro-invertebrate and water sampling techniques using the rapid bio-assessment model. I am proficient in vertebrate data collection methods such as: mist net surveys, avian banding, and visual/audio surveys for songbirds; how to identify, catalog, and prepare museum specimens for research collection; and small mammal capture techniques. I hold a USGS Master Class Hummingbird Bander certification (#23987), and a USFWS educational dead bird salvage permit (MB171562-0). Throughout my professional career I have worked in fish & wildlife management, nuisance wildlife abatement and wildlife rehabilitation; developing an understanding of the complexities of human/wildlife interactions, the subsistence lifestyle, and the challenges of living and working in bush Alaska.

Office skills: typing100 wpm. MSWord, Excel, Power Point, Adobe, etc. on PC and MAC.

Manual or automatic vehicle operation (with trailers), ATV’s, and vessels up to 25’. (AK driver’s license #6946857).

Work Experience
Independent Environmental Consultant
– Biological research, technical assistance & environmental education McLaughlin Environmental Services, Cordova, AK October 2006 – present.
Substitute Teacher
– Cordova School District, December 2016 – present.
Project Director
, 501 c 3 Scientific & Educational Non-profit conducting hummingbird research.
Alaska Hummingbird Project, Inc.,
Cordova, Alaska Oct. 2015 – present. Primary field season April-August
President / Executive Director –
Program administration, membership, fundraising, outreach and advocacy.
Prince William Soundkeeper,
Cordova, Alaska Oct. 2010 – present.
Environmental Technical Assistant –
Grant development, technical editing and environmental education.
Alaska Forum, Inc.
, Anchorage, Alaska January 2011 – March 2015.
Chenega Bay Environmental Program Technician
– Grant writing, admin. & environmental education.
Chenega IRA Council / Native Village of Chenega
. Chenega Bay, Alaska May 1999- Jan. 2007
Fisheries Technician I & II –
pink, chum & sockeye salmon rearing.
Prince William Sound Aquaculture Corp.,
AFK and Gulkana Hatcheries, AK. March 1998 - September 1998
Field Research Assistant ––
Western bluebird behavioral research. Univ. of GA., Dept. of Ecology
Judy Guinan, project leader under Dr. Patricia Gowaty, Ph.D. Flagstaff, AZ Summer field seasons 1995–1997
Special Permit’s Assistant –
Wildlife & animal permitting, wildlife management & nuisance animal complaints.
GA. DNR, Game & Fish Division, Special Permit Unit,
Atlanta, GA 1988-1991

Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College, Tifton, GA – 1988 Associates of Science Wildlife Biology
University of Georgia, Athens, GA – 1995 Bachelors of Science Zoology

NW Bird Banding Association Association of Environmental Professionals Audubon Society

Public Service
USDA Forest Service Secure Rural Schools Chugach NF Public Advisory Committee – serving since 2010
Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Trustee Council Public Advisory Committee – serving since 2013 Chugach Alaska School District School Board Representative – Nov. 2013 – Oct. 2015

Humpback whale predations on winter aggregations of Pacific Herring in Sawmill Bay, Alaska: Problem for herring population?
(Katherine A. McLaughlin, Andrew T. McLaughlin, John R. Moran, Stanley Rice). Poster, Alaska Marine Science Symposium 2008
Chenega Bay Rufous Hummingbird Banding Project 2007-2012
Poster, Alaska Wild Bird Symposium 2010
Chenega Bay Hummingbird Banding Project / Cordova Hummingbird Banding Report,
Partners in Flight Conference 2013
Three Additional Recaptures of Long-Distance Migrating Rufous Hummingbirds,
North American Bird Bander, Oct-Dec 2015 & Jan-Mar 2016 Vol. 41 No.1
Bird Feeding, Alaska Style,
Bird Watcher’s Digest, Nov/Dec 2008
Thoreau’s Legacy; American Stories on Global Warming; Union of Concerned Scientists & Penguin Classics 2009
Alaskan Hummingbird Banding Project
, Bird Watcher’s Digest May/June 2012
Spring Distance Champion (Hummband Bingo),
Bird Watching Magazine Oct. 2012
The Alaska Connection- Long Distance Rufous Hummingbird Recaptures –
Alaska Bird Conference 2016
Documenting Anna’s Hummingbirds in Southcentral AK.
Poster, Alaska Bird Conference 2016

Trainings and Certifications
9/2000 Introduction to Solid Waste Management – Northern Arizona University ITEP
11/2000 Developing a Tribal Air Program – Northern Arizona University ITEP
4/2002 NEPA – US EPA
3/2002 Environmental Laws & Regulation – GBK Environmental
2002-03 Aquatic Assessment I, II & III - Native American Fish & Wildlife Society
10/2006 Federal IGAP Grant Administration Training – US EPA Region 10
10/2015 USFWS Master Class Hummingbird Bander - Permit #23987